Environmental Responsibility Program

Environmental Responsibility Program

At Superior, we believe we can be an effective manufacturer while simultaneously demonstrating environmental stewardship. As a company, we ensure that our employees recognize that they are an essential part of the program and have specific roles and responsibilities to support our sustainability efforts.

The foundation of Superior’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is built upon a commitment to continuous improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with all relevant federal, state and local environmental regulations, certifications and standards.

The EMS includes a framework by which we can set forth and review our environmental targets and goals. Our Company operates in a clean and safe manner, while showing consideration for the environment and our employees’ working conditions.

Superior believes that a disciplined EMS will strengthen our competitive edge in both the community we serve and the global marketplace we share. Every aspect of our environmental program is a direct reflection of our Environmental Policy Statement. Superior is committed to continuous improvement in reduction of utility services (natural gas, electricity, water), solid waste and air emissions at all of our facilities.

We set goals, train employees and strive for continuous improvement. Superior believes that every employee has an interest in the quality of the environment in which they work and live, so we help our employees realize the difference they can make. Each employee impacts the environment in many ways, some impacts are dramatic, while others are less noticeable. To reach our goals, we help each employee learn to identify his or her individual environmental impacts and take the necessary steps to reduce them.

For any questions regarding Superior’s Environmental Management System, please contact our Corporate Environmental Manager, +49 2392 80639-285